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Cut. 7/25/2007

If you were cut from my friends list and want back on, just let me know.

Recent trimming to keep the effluvia off my list has taken place, and while I love lj friends, sometimes you have to cut back to save a little time, a little space, and a little sanity.
HBIC Morgana


Walk/drive/jump/hop outside.

There are clouds, there are breezes, there are flowers, and most of all, there is life.

*sigh* What a wonderful world.

* * *

Excerpt from 'Letters to a Young Poet' a la R. Maria Rilke, letter number five...

"No, there is not more beauty here than in other places, and all these objects, which have been marveled at by generation after generation, mended and restored by the hands of workmen, mean nothing, are nothing, and have no heart and no value; - but there is much beauty here, because everywhere there is much beauty. Waters infinitely full of life move along the ancient aqueducts into the great city and dance in the many city squares over white basins of stone and spread out in large, spacious pools and murmur by day and lift up their murmuring to the night, which is vast here and starry and soft with winds. And there are gardens here, unforgettable boulevards, and staircases designed by Michelangelo, staircases constructed on the pattern of downward-gliding waters and, as they descend, widely giving birth to step out of wave. Through such impressions one gathers oneself, wins oneself back from the exacting multiplicity, which speaks and chatters there (and how talkative it is!), and one slowly learns to recognize the very few Things in which something eternal endures that one can love and something solitary that one can gently take part in."
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